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The More Views You Get

…the more views you get. Yes, we did mean to say that. Securing a healthy view count for your video has many benefits. Aside from triggering viral algorithms and boosting YouTube rankings, more views means more credibility, which makes your video more attractive.
Musicians, artists and performers can tell you that the more people like something, the easier it becomes to get people to jump on the bandwagon. Now think about getting that first push of the boulder out of the way with the click of a button. It’s as easy as that.

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Why Buy Youtube Views?

Higher Rankings More views add real SEO value to your video, which means more clicks for you.
Higher Credibility People are more likely to click on videos that have more views. Don’t get overlooked!
Go Viral Getting more views helps YouTube notice your video and give it better placement.
Become Famous By getting more views you reach more people, grow your fan base, and fulfill your dreams.

How fast will the views start coming in?

We typically get to work within 3 business days after receiving the order and the new views start showing within 7 days of the order being placed. Sometimes YouTube freezes the view counter at the 300 mark when they are verifying the views, but this is just temporary.

Are there any risks to my video if I use this service?

We have processed thousands of videos and have never had a problem since we began offering these services to our worldwide client base. We are expert social media ninjas with vast experience after countless hours of dedicated research.

However, we have seen videos taken down because they did not comply with the YouTube community guidelines. These guidelines were created by YouTube and could change at anytime.

Where do these YouTube views come from?

As a means of achieving an increased view count, quickly and inexpensively, we are able to procure these views from inactive users. Because our service is quick and so affordable, the demand is overwhelming. Be wary of suppliers that claim to offer active, human views without using the more expensive techniques like video ranking optimization and online advertising.

It is found these affordable views help videos get off to a good start by winning credibility and to help trigger viral algorithms. That being said, experience tells us that if the content is good (with great trick photography techniques for example), purchasing an initial amount of views can kick start real views, and videos can very easily end up with twice the amount of views that were purchased. Musicians, artists and performers will tell you that the more people appear to like something, the easier it is to get more people to like it, and YouTube loves a video that gets a good amount of views right off the bat.

How can I increase my YouTube views even further?

We have a blog post called “How to get more views on YouTube” which details the most important parts of YouTube video optimization. We highly recommend that you follow these steps carefully in order to increase your YouTube views maximally.

Will my video go viral?

We all know that a viral video has content that we simply cannot resist sharing with all our friends and family. Galaxy Ninja can’t control the content of the videos you submit to us but we can get your video off the ground. This will give your video a better chance of going viral. From our experience the more views a video gets the more it will receive and so on.

Do you deny certain videos from being promoted?

Yes, we will not accept videos that contain adult content and/or anything that isn’t in line with the YouTube community guidelines.

Hey Galaxy Ninja. I am quite astonished at the quality of the service. Thanks a lot. And another thing you should know: I will be saving money to buy your package of 100,000 views soon (quite short on money now) Thanks again,
– Sarah M., Chicago, USA

Hi Galaxy, I don’t know what you have done, but it is amazing. Our video has over 3500 views now. WOOOW. I know there are still some days left, but I am really thinking of upgrading to 25.000 views if that is possible? All the best to you and thank you so much
– Henrik P., Copenhagen, Denmark

Thanks for going above and beyond on the first order. I have just sent my payment for the next! I am also interested in facebook and twitter promotion. Thanks again
– Mark D., New York City, USA

Here at Galaxy Ninja we also have high end custom services to promote YouTube channels and the videos they showcase. This service is much more expensive than the packages on this page because we spend a lot of time going for really high quality views from targeted audiences in the niche of the video.

We also go deeply into researching what the YouTube titles, descriptions and tags should be for each video and work on the rankings by actively getting external links to the video and by embedding it across the Internet. If you are interested in this high end service our prices start at $1500 per month (with a minimum of 3 months) and you can contact us about it anytime.

Why Choose Us?

  • Reliable, Permanent and Full Rentention Views
  • USA and Worldwide Views
  • No Hidden or Recurring Fees
  • We’re Located in the USA
  • Expert Ninjas with many years experience
  • Unbeatable Customer Support
  • 100% 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

Author: Asher Fergusson