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Galaxy Ninja is an established, boutique, online marketing laboratory. We offer many specific services such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Design and Development, Social Media Promotion and Ad Management, and the creation of custom Infographics.
What makes us stand out is the personalized attention we give our clients as well as our unique ability to integrate the specifics into one unified system. Our expertise in diverse fields can stand on its own or be combined for one complete strategy. In addition to our listed services we are open to custom packages for the right projects.

About Us

Galaxy Ninja is an integrated internet marketing team comprised of six key members and a vast network of talented collaborators located all around the world. We work with our global clientele to ensure their goals are met in the most holistic way possible. All of us bring slightly different skill sets to the table but share the same commitment to providing our highest quality work and to stay on the cutting edge of our field.
We consider ourselves a ‘Green Company’ and like to support conscious, sustainable organizations that enrich our world. As a company we’re dedicated to doing our part by supporting local business groups, working from a solar powered office, and to only work for ethical clients. If you feel the same way, we’d love to hear from you.

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