How to get more views on YouTube for free

How to get more views on YouTube for free

It is time for an updated post on how to get more views on YouTube. There are many surprisingly easy changes you can make to your YouTube video that will ensure greater visibility and increased views. We’ve been sharing these tips on our blog since 2010 because we know that a little knowledge can go a long way and we find great satisfaction in empowering people with the tools and information they need. Many of our tips have stayed the same over the years but some have been adapted to stay up-to-date with the changing nature of YouTube. So let’s dive in and take a look at the best tips for how to get more views on YouTube.

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1) Stay close to success. Some of the best advice I can give you is to look closely at what works on YouTube and make these techniques your own. For example if you are a musician and like to do covers, choose a brand new song by a popular artist. The sooner you can get your cover done the better. If you play your cards right you can gain from the millions of views these artists videos will undoubtedly receive. Once you have your cover look carefully at the keywords, title and YouTube tags of the popular video. Use as many of these descriptive terms as possible but use slight variations. For example if I wanted to make a cover of Miley Cyrus’ new song, I would title the video ‘Adore You – Miley Cyrus cover by Tegan Perry’. The same is true for any popular YouTube video that has similar content to yours. Make it easy for people who are searching for YouTube videos that are already popular to find your video as well.


2) Keyword Research. Once you’ve identified a popular video that you can use as a reference, the first step in ensuring it gets maximum exposure is to do some keyword research. Think of your keywords as the best way to describe your video to someone who is searching for it. It is important to use these keywords consistently when you are describing and uploading your video (more on that in the next tips). The best keywords to use are ones that accurately describe you video but also already have high search traffic. For example if your name is Stacey and you want to promote your video of adorable baby pandas playing you might choose the keywords “Stacey’s cutest pandas”. It is an accurate description, however, not many people will know to search for your name when they are trying to find videos of pandas. Instead try using the keywords ‘baby panda video’ which already averages 880 searches per month. It pays to be specific, if you change the keywords even slightly, to ‘baby pandas videos’ you will only be reaching the 20 average monthly searches. You can use this free YouTube keyword tool tool to get a better idea of which keywords are right for your video.

sneezing baby panda youtube

3) Video File. Once you have selected your keywords make sure you name the original video file with the main keywords in the title. You want to make it as clear as possible what your video is about and increase the chance of it being seen. If we continue with the panda example from above, it would be best to save your video as ‘Baby-Panda-Video’.

4) Catchy Title. Never under estimate the value of a good title. Your title should be clear, catchy and have your keywords prominently featured. Remember, in most cases the title determines whether people pick your video in a YouTube search. A good tip to remember is that the keyword relevancy is strongest from left to right; make the most of your title real estate. Also, recently YouTube videos have been ranking quite high in Google as well, sometimes even taking the number one spot. And you can bet your bottom dollar that ranking in Google help will help you get more YouTube views fast and for free.


5) Description. I am always disappointed to see that people either do not fill out the description of their video or use the space to say something rambling. Talk about a missed opportunity! Make sure you describe your video and include your main keywords close to the top of the description. The description can also be a good place to include links to your website or social media accounts. Another useful tip is to include the URL to the video itself in your description. That way when your video gets embeded onto other people’s website, you will automatically have a strong link back to your video. Having multiple links to your YouTube video (or website for that matter) is an important factor for the search engine rankings of your content. The more quality links back to your content, the more popular and trustworthy your video will become.

6) Tags. Recently the way tags are viewed has changed. Instead of being visible below the video in YouTube itself, you now have to look at the code. Don’t worry it’s easier than it sounds. I made a blog post that describes how to find the best YouTube tags. You can use this technique to see what popular videos that are similar to your own use for title tags and then use them on your video. A few minutes work can make your YouTube video that much easier to find and more likely to show in related videos.

7) Thumbnail. After the title, the thumbnail image is what is most likely to get viewers attention in search results. If you have a beautiful, captivating or interesting thumbnail, people can’t help but to click. When you upload your video you will be able to choose between 3 automatically generated thumbnails. Within these three options you should be able to find one you think best suits your video. If you want to be able to determine your own thumbnail you can always enable AdSense on your video settings which will allow you to upload a thumbnail of your choosing.

8) Annotations. Annotations are those little clickable text boxes that often pop up in YouTube videos. This feature can be a great way to increase interaction with your video: include your keywords and links to your website and social accounts. For example, you can invite people to leave a comment below with their thoughts, or to visit your website to find out more. Don’t make too many annotations though or people will find them too distracting.

The video annotations and view count are circled

The video annotations and view count of the video above are circled

9) Use your Social Network. Once your video is uploaded using the above instructions, the next step is to share your video, and do it quickly! If you get a surge of views to your video just after it was uploaded, it will be pushed higher into the search ranks. Having a video go viral is easier said than done but can be the secret of how to get more views for free. Be creative and make the most of your social network. Share your video on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Add it to your personal website and to content sharing websites like Reddit. You could even email it to your email contacts. Whichever medium you choose, use common sense and some basic netiquette techniques. Don’t over spam or beg.

10) YouTube Network. You may think of YouTube as just a way to publish your video. However, YouTube can be a very valuable social network on its own. Interact with other YouTube users by commenting on their videos. It is no longer possible to leave video responses but you can leave a link to your video in the comment as described in this Galaxy Ninja blog post. You can also build up your connections and therefore your audience, by liking and subscribing to other people’s videos, channels and playlists. Another good YouTube tip is to add your newly uploaded video to a playlist. That way if someone watches one of your videos, they will automatically get the opportunity to watch another.

11) Buy Views & Subscribers. A bonus tip. Did you know that almost all major musicians and music labels buy YouTube views & subscribers to give their videos the most exposure in a very short time? This is an essential way to give your videos that essential boost to get your video ranking when it’s first posted. When buying YouTube views it is important to go for high quality views. If you buy low quality views, often from Russia, India or mobile views, your videos could be deleted by Youtube! For more information about how to buy YouTube views and the services we provide, visit our YouTube Sales page.

If you implement all of these tips, I am confident you will see a huge increase in the number of views your videos receive. They key is in proper planning and the detailed execution. Remember, it doesn’t matter how good your video is if no one can find it. So go forth, and make this happen!


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