How to get more followers on Twitter in 10 simple, quick and FREE steps

How to get more followers on Twitter in 10 simple, quick and FREE steps


Lets be honest, the real question is: How to get more followers on Twitter than Lady Freaking Gaga (a whopping 31,287,858 twitter followers)?

The social sphere of the internet is becoming increasingly popular, especially celebrity profiles. With time, and attention you can most definitely be meeting your Twitter goals even if you are not a pop star who wears dresses made out of meat.

Twitter is currently the eighth most trafficked site in the world with well over 91 million visits monthly, in the U.S. alone (estimate by quantcast- September, 2012). Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a tweet-a-holic to leverage this social network. I have laid out general principles, best practices, tips and guidelines to help you get the best results without investing crazy hours.

With almost 1 out of every 3 people in the United States tweeting away, what will separate you from the rest of the pack and help you to acquire more Twitter Followers?


The guidelines below are created with the intention of helping you learn how to get followers on Twitter for free without asking. These tips will also help you to establish a Twitter routine with regular, interesting and helpful content, that will naturally encourage more followers.

10 Sweet Twitter Tips:

1) Bio: Your blog or website is the number one way to leverage this traffic machine. You must give people somewhere to go so they can find out more about you (your bio on your website/blog).

Note: Make your website a platform for the rest of your web presence. Using your website in conjunction with the social networks creates an opportunity to reach people with your content and establish trust, respect, credibility and personality. Once this is done people will be following and subscribing to you wherever possible.

2) Background: Use something other than the standard Twitter background, preferably an extended bio with additional information about you and your networking platform. Click here for a good example.

3) Regularity: Be regular with your content without being overly promotional.

Note: We recommend trying to maintain a ratio of about 1:8 (one request for every 8 pieces of quality content). Throw in a picture from time to time using the photo icon under the tweet box (see photo below).

A request would be anything that takes time or asks something form your followers


4) Limit links: Do Not over-use links to your website. With quality content folks will naturally click your bio link!

5) Slow and steady: It is much better to space your tweets out rather than storming five in a row just because you are trying to leverage your time. Patience, my ninjas…

6) Gain More Niche Followers: As a general rule people you follow, follow you. Follow about 50 people per day in your niche.

a) You can use manage flitter to see who you are following that is not following you back. Use this about once a week to help prune who you are following.

Note: If you wish to safely follow more people (and ultimately get more Twitter Followers) check out Tweet Adder. It is a paid service, but will really help to boost your numbers quickly and safely.

7) Be real: Keep your updates warm and personal, yet pertinent.

8) Retweet content: If you don’t have good content in mind and you want to make a presence, try retweeting something great from one of your followers.

9) Shout outs: Mention leaders in your industry with the @ symbol. They are more likely to notice you and return the favor.

10) Manage your time: If you are running more than one twitter account check out to help save time.

Here are some of the most popular accounts on Twitter. Their huge follower counts are mostly because they are famous but also because they know how to get more Twitter followers for free.


Lady Gaga Twitter Stats (@ladygaga)
When POP sucks the tits of ART.
137,036 following –
2,355 tweets

Justin Bieber Twitter Stats (@justinbieber)
#BELIEVE is on ITUNES and in STORES WORLDWIDE! – SO MUCH LOVE FOR THE FANS…you are always there for me and I will always be there for you.
122,510 following –
19,441 tweets

Katy Perry Twitter Stats (@katyperry)
Santa Barbara raised, California gal…doing stuff. Working on my mom-esque dance moves in my spare time. How embarrassing.
117 following –
4,462 tweets

Rihanna Twitter Stats (@rihanna)
Pre-order Unapologetic, the new album, out Monday, Nov. 19 now: Download Diamonds:
889 following –
6,968 tweets

Barack Obama Twitter Stats (@BarackObama)
This account is run by #Obama2012 campaign staff. Tweets from the President are signed -bo.
670,382 following –
7,967 tweets

Britney Spears Twitter Stats (@britneyspears)
It’s Britney Bitch! Judging @TheXFactorUSA this fall.
412,468 following –
1,950 tweets


Taylor Swift Twitter Stats (@taylorswift13)
82 following –
1,578 tweets

YouTube Twitter Stats (@YouTube)
Tweets on YouTube news, trends, and — of course — videos.
434 following –
6,496 tweets

Shakira Twitter Stats (@shakira)
Get It Started by Pitbull ft Shakira – out now / Ya disponible
72 following –
1,598 tweets


Kim Kardashian Twitter Stats (@KimKardashian)
181 following –
13,732 tweets

You may want to check out the social profiles of some successful folks in your industry and incorporate any things you think could help you. If you want to get more followers on Twitter real fast we can help.


The benefits of Twitter are many; we can increase our image and gain a niche-specific following, while attaining the ability to leverage and drive traffic to any destination we desire.

Please leave a comment below with additional insights or any sweet tweet benefits I may have left out.

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