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We offer a range of high quality, result oriented SEO services to fit the needs of each client. If you are just getting started with SEO, a website audit is a great first step. We’ll work with you to give you a better understanding of your website’s search potential and identify any low hanging fruit. When it comes to SEO, consistency is key. That’s why we recommend one of our monthly link building packages in order to steadily increase your search rankings and maintain your results for the long haul. Selecting an SEO firm that is effective, current, and a good fit for your company can be challenging without knowing what questions to ask.

clickthrurateHow important is it for your website to have a high search ranking? The graph on the left illustrates the relationship between a website’s rank in a search result and the percentage of searchers who will visit the website. On average, the website that is the number one search result will receive around 37% of all traffic which is substantially more than even the website in the second position which gets only 13%. A website with a search rank of ten or lower will be receiving less than 3% of total search traffic. The answer is clear, if you want your website to get traffic it has to be at least in the top 5 of the search results.

The goal is clear, but is it attainable? We think so. One of our clients has some of the most competitive keywords to rank for and the most expensive PPC rates. We have been working with them since 2010 and they now rank consistently in the top 5 for keywords in the conference calling market. They even rank above Wikipedia and Skype! Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more or start your journey to the top. We offer a free SEO analysis so you can get a better understanding of your current rankings and potential ways to improve.

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Each SEO project includes:


In-depth research is where any successful SEO project starts. Using years of experience and a large battery of analytical techniques, our experts will work closely with you to thoroughly understand your market and keyword niche in order to start off your campaign with a winning strategy. Every project includes:

Keyword Research ›

We assess applicable keyword variations and search volumes, then cross analyze with current data from your site about what keyword traffic you already receive, thereby getting an idea of which keywords would be most beneficial and cost effective for your business.

Competition Analysis ›

We closely analyze the competition for each keyword niche to estimate what it will take to beat them, and what strategies they are using.

Page assessment ›

We assess the pages on your website that have the best chance of ranking for worthy keywords, and create a report of (minor) changes to each page that will help speed up the ranking process.

Niche research ›

We research new keyword opportunities and search markets you may not have entered yet, but would be beneficial and achievable given your resources.

Search Engine Optimization

This is where the magic happens. How the optimization is done makes or breaks the success of a project. We have our own unique mix of the most up-to-date techniques that give long- term results shortly after the work begins.

Page Optimization ›

We will analyze your website and provide suggestions for optimizations for the most relevant pages. We focus primarily on proper keyword density, metadata such as title tags and page descriptions. This will ensure that the search engines rank your pages for the right keywords.

Link Building ›

We specialize in high quality, off site links using some of the most effective, and safe techniques out there. We pride ourselves in the dependability and precision of our links which can target and boost very specific keywords and phrases. In addition, we offer Link Maintenance services that keeps your website at its new found rank over the course of the years.


In order to track results, we provide rigorous reporting at the end of each month. We highlight successes, challenges, any relevant trends and new research opportunities. Each report will shine light on the rankings of each target keyword, the search traffic each keyword brings to your site and your top performing pages.