A Year in Memes – Funniest of 2013

Doge, What does the Fox say, and Grumpy Cat had time to shine to their fullest in 2013. But it was not a year of a lot of new trending memes like the years before. It was, however, a year with of a lot of political turmoil. Not only in the area of gun laws, our...

How To Increase YouTube Views

The first thing to do in order to increase YouTube views is to optimize your video itself. Most people assume that they will suddenly get mega views simply by uploading their video to YouTube. However, it is rare that a video goes viral on its own. Here is how to...

10 Best Music Videos Of All Time

Yes, I know it seems absurd to list the 10 Best Music Videos Of All Time simply because there are so many amazing music videos that are all good for different reasons. And I’m only human, so it’s possible that I like a video simply because I saw it at a...

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