The Team

David Jung

Server/Web Admin, Web Designer

From The Netherlands, David is a ‘Jack of all trades’ with a diverse and unusual work history. With his sharp intellect and steady hand, David provides the guidance and technical support that keeps our company in motion.

Rosalie van den Bos

SEO manager, Designer

Rosalie, who hails from The Netherlands, leaves no stone unturned. She has a great eye for detail and creates beautiful and orderly work in any field she chooses.

Joey Del Re


Originally from Seattle, Joey is a unique blend of scientist and artist. His specialty is crafting creative content with tactical precision using either his computer or guitar.

Tegan Perry

Finance, Operations, Writer

With a degree in Sustainability, Tegan brings fresh eyes to the structure and organization of the company. She excels at creating systems that promote a sustainable company culture from the technical to the heartfelt.


Eric Carter

Social Media Marketing

Alek Lisefski

Web Design & Development

The Company

Integrated Internet Marketing

Galaxy Ninja is a new kind of Internet marketing firm. We provide consulting, a full suite of services including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Design and Development, Social Media Promotion and Ad Management, and the creation of custom Infographics. We specialize in integrated, comprehensive, big-picture marketing while simultaneously focusing on the finer details of our craft. We like to think of ourselves as web-presence builders. For organizations today it’s not enough to have a website, or a Facebook page to get ahead, you need an integrated and powerful web presence.
What makes this big picture thinking powerful and effective is our strong knowledge base in each of the individual fields. We use time tested strategies that can be measured along the way to ensure that we surpass each goal set with our clients.  We are also dedicated to staying on the cutting edge and incorporating the newest techniques into each service we provide. We consider ourselves a ‘Green Company’ and seek out clients that enrich the world and share similar values.

The Dream

Our company values

1 Balance – We are committed to a healthy balance of rest and activity. This balance allows us to focus on personal development and health which leads to the expansion of the heart, mind and body – resulting in more successful and fulfilling projects and relationships.
3 Play – We are committed to a healthy dose of play and are always breaking boundaries through creativity, travel and fun. This play leads to creativity, thinking outside the box and happy ninjas.
5Teamwork – We are committed to creating a team that is coherent, open and understanding with other team members, clients and partners. This working community allows individuals to draw on the team as a resource of knowledge, support and inspiration.
7Giving – We are committed to giving compassionate service to ourselves, our clients and the world. This giving quality is developed through our own fullness, self-sufficiency and inner contentment. We believe that in order to receive you need to give.
2 Self-Motivation – We are committed to creating an empowering workplace where self-confidence thrives. This empowerment allows team-members to be self motivated because we naturally take ownership of projects we are passionate about.
4Flexibility – We are committed to experiencing the growth and expansion that comes with a flexible mind and body. This flexibility keeps us adaptable, always changing, learning and full of ingenuity expanding our services and skill-sets.
6Communication – We are committed to clear communication and creating connections within our team, with our clients and with the world through honest and transparent interactions. We see this clarity and ease of expression as the foundation of our success.