X24 Releases “Hipster Apocalypse” – Hilarious Parody About Hipster Culture

X24 Releases “Hipster Apocalypse” – Hilarious Parody About Hipster Culture

Rapper X24, Christopher Webster, released the music video for his debut single, Hipster Apocalypse, on November 7, 2014. Hipster Apocalypse serves as a scathing social commentary and hilarious parody. “In 2010, n+1 declared the hipster dead,” points out X24. “WHAT?! I was seeing mainstream advertisements flooded with flannel-clad Viking and mod girls in chunky-framed glasses. It dawned on me… the Hipster is not dead. We are. We’ve all become hipster zombies. The hipster apocalypse is upon us!”

The video was created by D. Luke Fitch, a Santa Fe-based filmmaker who has won awards for his visual effects, editing, and aerial drone piloting. Fitch’s company is Altitude FX.

Here are some of the lyrics:

I keep the beat hot, spit fire like arson…
I’m also growing beets in the community garden.
My entire apartment screams I’m an anarchist, a narcissist,
An honest-to-God starving artist.
I’m too cool for dancing.
Damnit I’m fancy.
I’m screening Fellini and Roman Polanski.
I’m ADD antsy,
A little bit angsty.
I’m Afrika Bambaataa meets Bukowski and Banksy…
Borderline brilliant, baby, dropping these bombs!
You can find me in the dive bar, writing songs.
Flaunting my irony, hiding my wealth…
I’m a little like Waldo, trying to find myself.
I’m so postmodern, what’s a genre?
Carpetbag swag from Ojai to Marfa…
And your new favorite song? Yeah… I know.
It’s pretty cool, but it sounds better on vinyl.

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