Best Free WordPress Themes Of All Time

Best Free WordPress Themes Of All Time

The best free WordPress themes of all time is certainly a bold statement.  Of course, ‘the best’ will change depending on who you are and what you are searching for. Are you looking for a theme for your new portfolio website? How about a theme for your new band? For your new start-up? The definition of ‘the best free WordPress theme of all time’ will change depending on the needs and taste of the individual.  However, there are some characteristics of a good WordPress theme that are universal.  Is it easy to edit? Is the design beautiful, clean and easy to use? Are there SEO features built-in? Is there adequate support available?


The following free WordPress themes come highly recommended from all corners of the internet. I look for themes that are beautiful, versatile and up-to-date, which can fit a variety of preferences and personal styles. If you are interested in spending a little more money to get premium WordPress themes with high quality design, features and support I recommend Elegant Themes.  We use Elegant Themes extensively in our work (see if you can guess which Elegant Theme this website uses) and feel they are an invaluable tool to have at your disposal.


1) Asteria Lite:


This theme stands out for it’s simple yet sleek design, additional features and extensive support. What is most surprising is the level of support the developers provide even for the free theme. The design can be easily modified and the theme comes with layout options and page templates. The website is responsive and includes easy SEO options. Additionally the theme comes translated into French, Italian, German, Spanish and Chinese.

2) Inkness:


Inkness is another simple, adaptable theme with many features and options. It has fully responsive design including a responsive slider. The theme also has easy tools to add in your own logo, galleries and blog. The theme would be a good choice if you are looking for a classic yet modern way to use high quality images to showcase your work.


3) Nova:


The Nova theme is an easy way to get a dynamic and fun website. The free version allows you to choose from six difference types of post styles including a gallery, quotes, videos, audio and links. If you want to get more sophisticated than this basic Tumblr style, you have to pay to access the premium features. The free theme also has a fully responsive layout.


4) Vantage:


This theme is one of those hidden gems. At first glance it may not look too special. Don’t get me wrong, the design is clean and engaging but the behind-the- scenes features are what stand out the most. The theme comes with excellent support and also is well integrated with some pretty powerful plugins including Page Builder, MetaSlider and WooCommerce.


5) Virtue:


This theme is another gem. Like the Vantage theme, this is a fully responsive website with Woocommerce compatibility. The developers provide excellent support and tutorials for the free theme and they offer a premium version if you really fall head over heels. At first glance the Virtue theme stuns more than  Vantage with it’s two scrolling side bar options and room for many stand out images.


6) Nictitate:


The Nictitate theme has a clean and corporate look that comes with a suite of built-in template pages including a blog, shop and portfolio section. This theme won’t be the easiest to customize but comes with enough bells and whistles that it can easily stand as is. The strongest behind-the-scenes component is the unlimited sidebar and widget area which normally comes at a premium.

Now, these free WordPress themes are a great and cost effective way to make a website but you may find that they aren’t exactly perfect. It is fairly common for even the best free themes to have their glitches and restrictions. If you want to upgrade to ensure the highest quality and ease I recommend Elegant Themes. The Elegant Themes package is really the best use of your money because you get access to all 87 themes when you sign up. This means you won’t be stuck with theme that doesn’t meet the cut. Instead you will have access to a tool box of high quality themes that you have at your disposal for years to come.


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