8 Free Business WordPress Themes

8 Free Business WordPress Themes

By Rosalie van den Bos

WordPress has taken over the realm of Content Management Systems, 60% of websites with a CMS is powered by WordPress; a whopping 20% of all websites on the internet. This popularity also means that billions of themes have been created.  We can never get enough of free WordPress stuff but what exactly is a Business Theme?

Business themes are themes that focus more on the display and overview of a company’s products or services. It gives you a quick glance of what a business is about and hands you the necessary information that you need to make a decision. A business theme puts less emphasis on an elaborate blog, instead, the blog is supplementary to the rest of the website.

All of these handpicked themes are truly free. No extra fees, no limited time trials. Some are very similar to Elegant Themes, but for free. Get the tools to grow your business on the web. Enjoy!

01. Vantage

A very simple and minimalistic theme. Some widgets are available which makes editing your site extremely easy.
Responsive Design: Yes

02. Corpo

The fun splashes of red really makes this theme come alive, while remaining a professional look. The site has a small, but not very elaborate portfolio. If you want a more extended portfolio plugin, there are some better options in this list.
Responsive Design: Yes

03. Klasik Framework

True to it’s name, this theme feels very classic. It has all the important things a website should have, without the unnecessary bells and whistles. It includes a nice portfolio, blog, and even a shop.
Responsive Design: Yes

04. Celestial Free

The great thing about this theme is that it offers shortcodes for easy formatting. With shortcodes you can easily turn your content into columns and have better control over your page layout. It also offers pre-coded forms which will really make it easier to receive inquiries.
Responsive Design: Yes

05. Restaurateur

This theme is great if you own a catering business. It has a built-in menu where a filter can be added, so that your customers can quickly search through your dishes. The theme offers very good support; video guides about how to install and customize your theme are available, which is an amazing bonus for a free theme. You can find these videos on the live demo.
Responsive Design: Yes

06. Revera

Good use of bold colors. The design is very clear with a big slider. It has a portfolio with an image gallery, but it’s not as fancy as some others. This theme is responsive.
Responsive Design: Yes

07. Finale

A subtle, sophisticated design which stands out from the rest. It has a nice portfolio section and customizable pricing packages.
Responsive Design: Yes

08. TopBest

This theme is great, quite a lot more elaborate than most free themes. It has a sleek, beautiful portfolio section which you can filter by category. On top of that, this site is responsive.
Responsive Design: Yes

Premium Suggestion

If your are looking for a theme with more control and a splendid theme panel, Elegant Themes is the cheapest and best solution. For a one time fee of $69 you have access to all their existing and future theme designs. See their best Business Theme below.

Top Pick #1: Divi

Divi is an extremely flexible theme which is highly customizable. The page-builder allows you to structure your pages exactly how you want it, without needing to know any code. Just drag and drop your elements around in the page-builder. This is Elegant Themes’ main advantage over the free themes, plus the support and forums that can help you out with any bugs or problems. Customized page layouts are also available and I don’t think anyone will not be able to create a functional and beautiful website with this theme.

As you can see, there are a lot of free and affordable ways to start a decent looking business website. Good luck!

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