Facebook Advertising: Basic Walk-through, Tips and Strategy (Part 1)

Facebook Advertising: Basic Walk-through, Tips and Strategy (Part 1)

It’s amazing how often people tell me that Facebook is one of the best online tools they have for their business, brand, cause, band, etc. Most of these people would love to build up their page fan-base more quickly but don’t know how. Sometimes they have tried Facebook Advertising but were scared off because they didn’t know what to make of their results. This many part blog post is meant to serve as a resource to help get you started with using the basic Facebook Advertising UI (user interface), fill you in on some basic best practices, and let you know how to interpret and improve your results.

That being said, Facebook is changing their ad UI rapidly, and may be performing split testing at times, so your experience may be slightly different than the one laid out in this walk-through. Think of this post as a general road map. The fundamental principles of Facebook advertising have basically remained unchanged, even if their UI and options change slightly over time.

Why advertise on Facebook?

I’ll touch really briefly on the benefits of Facebook advertising for those of you who are still scoping out the system. Facebook ads allow you to target your advertisements to users with very specific criteria. Beyond the basics like age, gender, education, geographic location, etc.


Facebook advertising allows you to target users by interest, which from a marketing standpoint is wonderful.

Additionally, in comparison to Google Adwords they’re real cheap. And generally speaking, the more efficiently you start using Facebook ads, the cheaper they can become!

Note: statistically Google Adwords can preform better selling specific products (in general) but I prefer Facebook ads because you can get a good bang for your buck, and because we tend to work on projects that are more socially interesting. In the end, you have to choose your ad venue based on what you’re advertising.

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