Wikileaks banned sites and hackings galore

Wikileaks banned sites and hackings galore

By now you have probably heard of This “journalistic” website has been making headlines for about a week now with it’s release of 100,000’s of “top secret” cables from the U.S government. Unfortunately, Wikileaks is amongst the banned sites list of many countries including China. Additionally the site is under constant attack and hackings from so called “Hacktivists” and possibly other government funded parties who don’t like what they are seeing or hearing.


Julian Assange – Founder of

Fortunately the five or so people who run this volunteer-based website are rather smart cookies. They have servers all over the world, mirror sites and countless back-ups of all the information. On Wednesday, Wikileaks was banned from the Amazon servers but managed to quickly get back online on the site. Then, last night the site got hacked big time with people saying things like:  “ domain killed by US after claimed mass attacks.” And guess what? It only took them six hours to get the site back online in Switzerland on the domain!

It is quite impressive for me to see that such a small group of people can have a ginormous influence in the world today. For example, according to their website, “WikiLeaks has released more classified intelligence documents than the rest of the world press combined.” This is quite astonishing to me but also it sheds some light on the sorry state of mass media funded by big corporations because they have a vested interest in NOT revealing the truth.

wikileaksIt seems to me that the people of the world are finally taking a stance and waking up to these lies and deceptions. People of all walks of life are coming together to support free press. On Facebook they have recently exploded with now almost 500,000 fans in just 1 or 2 weeks. Their Twitter page has a similarly massive number of over 334,000. I am really happy to see that social networking can be used to change the world and bring more transparency for the common people.

I wonder if the British from 200 years ago are now regretting sending their “convicts” down under to Australia?… 🙂 Somehow this story and Julian Assange are making me proud to be Australian and proud that someone is finally standing up for themselves and for the world as a whole…

Further information:
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So what do you think? Should Wikileaks be a banned site and be hacked like crazy? Or should we support this cause for freedom of speech and uncovering the truth to reveal the corruption of our times?

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Asher Fergusson

Asher Fergusson

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  1. It doesn’t say anything that the PRC bans Wikileaks considering they ban Facebook, Twitter, and God knows what else too.

    The fact that Wikileaks has released more confidential information than any the other media services combined does not …necessarily implicate mass media as corrupt or complicit. That is a big jump in logic. As any journalist knows, media moguls certainly strive for the leaks, they just have never landed such a mother-load.

    Just because these cables are classified does not mean they are “the truth”. First, context is everything and in so far as the cables lack context their meanings can be misconstrued. Second, diplomats lie just as much if not more so than anybody. So take it all with a grain of salt, it’s not that sensational guys.

    I do not consider support for Wikileaks to be indicative of any rise in collective consciousness. You’re optimistic on that note. It has little to nothing to do with warm fuzzies like transparency and “common people” rallying for “the truth”. Rather, I see naive people who displace their anger on government happy about the government experiencing pain, as if there wasn’t enough on the Washingtonian decision making plate.

    True to his heritage, Assange is a criminal. Out to save the world? To think he is any more than self-interested is wishful thinking. You’ve got to know he is benefiting from this leaks program in one way or another whether it be by ego, fame, or fortune.

    So what do I think? Wikileaks is an over-sensationalized red herring. If you want to get rid of the corruption “in the world” then start eliminating corruption inside your mind, especially vis-a-vis adjusting your perceptions of government. Stop projecting hate onto the administrative levels of society. Decision makers in Washington are regular people who happen to have the balls to step up to the plate. To that effect, either step up yourself or sit down and placate.

    • Thanks Vince! I was waiting for your response :-). I pretty much agree with all your comments. This whole thing is just more hype for the “media” to make more cash. It definitely is an intriguing plot though – would make a decent movie.

      I st…ill feel that with the advent of Facebook and Youtube etc there are signs of rising collective unity and freedom of speech. It is incredible that a single random video on Youtube can be seen millions of times and influence the world in a matter of days or weeks.

      There is no doubt that we need more people who can “eliminate corruption from their minds.” Peace begins within! 😉


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