Microsoft’s Bing tightens ties with Facebook

Microsoft’s Bing tightens ties with Facebook

Looks like Facebook is in the lime light once again. In the midst of the ever present privacy policy buzz and a full length feature film, more eyes turn to Facebook as Microsoft’s Bing uses coveted Facebook data to enhance it’s search function.

BBC article “Microsoft’s Bing deepens ties with Facebook” stirs up the juice.

The Facebook Bing alliance will add information pulled from Facebook – like stores your friends have liked – to search results in an attempt to make the experience more personal.

Some think this move is a step towards a more socially integrated Internet:

“This is the long-awaited ‘social search’ that I’ve been talking about and waiting for years,” wrote analyst Charlene Li of the Altimeter Group.

While others… do not.

Danny Sullivan of respected blog SearchEngineLand, said that he believed that the data used by Bing was currently “far from a killer feature”.’

As companies battle for privatized social network site data, I’m just wondering who’s going to step up and figure out how to take money out of the picture, while upholding peoples privacy options?

Any takers?

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