[Vid] Kovalam beach: Business is pleasure- 6 tips for world travel

[Vid] Kovalam beach: Business is pleasure- 6 tips for world travel

Our team has traveled from the United States to Asia, hitting 13 countries in 10 months. We have experienced how travel can expand us as individuals. I have noticed that by integrating different craft and culture I can feel myself taking on a more worldly expansion. It is a gift to be able to touch down, experience and taste an environment and culture that at one time was just a spot on a map or something read in a book.

A great gift of this 10 month period was that we were working, learning, establishing an internet presence and automating success on the internet.

Take a moment to check out this 2:41 minute video below to see the beauty of Kovalam beach in the south of India.

Here is a helpful India travel blog from Asher: 100 tips to survive travel through India.

Many people have expressed the desire to travel. It is so easy to get daunted by fear, and/or the comfort of making ends meet. We are constantly creating habits and cycles, these can either inhibit or release us. I say if you want to travel, make it happen.

Here are six ways to make your travels happen more quickly:

#1 Simplify: In our western culture we tend to base our identities off of our material possessions. This underlying imprint of society leaves one longing and aspiring to collect more and more things from a very early age. To release this mindset and free up material clutter is a very lightening, life technique.

#2 Money: Money is what we make it. From a solid foundation of simplicity, money is purely potential. When we are not locked down with thousands of dollars in monthly payments, the money we take in has a greater potential to create and move.

#3 Resources: Use your resources. If you like agriculture check out WWOOF. If you have skills that you would like to enhance and trade for room and board in some specific location, try work away info.

#4 Plan and Commitment: Having a precise plan creates a solid commitment. It takes unwavering commitment to persevere and not get thrown by obstacles.

#5 Stay Open, yet unwavering: It is good to stay open and see what unfolds from your efforts. Things change and doors open, yet sometimes these doors can be disguised. It can be difficult to determine what are obstacles, and what are opportunities. Stay open, yet unwavering!

#6 GalaxyNinja.com: Today’s internet offers great opportunity to be self-sufficient. True self sufficiency means you can work from anywhere, and that you are not dependent upon anything outside yourself . Galaxy Ninja has a growing list of valuable resources, as well the creation of courses that will help you to establish and automate your presence.

β€œThe world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

There is a Vedic expression that says, “change is evolution.” It is this change that we long for and not fulfilling this can cause resentment, stagnancy and even fear.

When we align with our passion we align with our hearts, it is here where life moves from a science to an art. It is here all things are possible.

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to finally post this video and blog post Eric! It is always a pleasure to travel the world with you and to share the bliss of all your exciting ideas.

    • Asher, you are the man! I see so much creativity, and big, inspirational thinking. It is awesome to watch and enjoy as it all goes down!

  2. I was there! Too bad we weren’t there at the same time πŸ™‚

    • Mariam,

      What the…? When we happen to be in the same area thousands of miles away it is to our benefit to hang out. At least have a mango or something, huh? πŸ™‚

      Any photos??

  3. Fun!


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