Facebook Photo Captions – How to [Beginners]

Facebook Photo Captions – How to [Beginners]

When it comes to sharing your pictures with Facebook fans, friends, family and sometimes even complete strangers, Facebook makes it easy. In this article I will give a few tips on Facebook photo captions, how to add captions when you upload pictures, as well as Facebook privacy tips that make sure your personal pictures can stay personal and are not available to the general public.

How to add Facebook photo captions:


It is quite easy to add a caption to any of your pictures on Facebook.

1. Simply log into your Facebook account, go to any picture you have uploaded and look for either ‘Add a caption’ or a little blue pencil at the bottom of your picture.

2. When you click on the symbol on the bottom of the picture a text box will appear and you can add any Facebook photo captions your heart desires.

3. When you want to add a caption to your ‘Profile pictures’ you should look for the text that says ‘Add a caption.’

4. When you want to add a caption to any other picture you’ve uploaded either in a ‘Photo Album’ or ‘Wall Photo’ look for the little blue pencil under the photo.


Uploads-facebook-photo-captionsIf you are not sure what pictures you have uploaded go to ‘My uploads’ under the section called ‘Photos’. The ‘Photos’ section is located on the left side of your Facebook home page. All the pictures you have uploaded onto Facebook and can add captions too will now be shown.

If you want to say something about a picture that is not one that you have uploaded click ‘comment’ and add any caption you want. Remember, it will be visible as a photo comment to everyone who can see the picture.

Along with adding photo captions you can ‘tag’ your friends in the photo.  So your picture can have a photo caption description AND each person in it can be ‘tagged’–or identified.

Now you have all the steps you need to add facebook photo captions to your pictures.

Log on. Look for your pictures. Click “add a caption” or little blue pencil. Tag away

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